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This is my personal rant page where I will complain about things that I find unfair or irritating. I usualy have stong opinions about things and therefore I might as well share some of them with others. Feel free to comment on this if you find something unfair or not well researched. If you can convince me that I was wrong I will even add the reason why I changed my mind to help enlighten others as well :)

Employee of the month:
The main reason I decided to write a few words about this is that on my former workplace they just introduced this stupid
practice. I personally think this is a shame and a way of favorizing people. I also think that those that figured this was
a good idea are totaly braindead. It's mostly people who care much for career and status that came up with these stupid
ideas. Therefore they think that "normal" people also take pride in becomming "the chosen one". The truth is that people who can be trusted don't care much for crap like this and some might dislike the idea of becomming employee of the month so much that they will try to avoid it at all cost. Anyway this is without doubt favorizing of people and people who agreed to do this must be equally stupid since they obviously don't understand the impact it has on the way others see them as individuals. This is discrimination of people and does in my view not lead to anything good at all for several reasons:

Well employee of the month - now that's an idea that sucks isn't it? How on earth can one be cheeky enough to say that one person deserves this and another not? What if person "A" does not need to work hard to achieve a result that is 8/10 and person "B" needs to work his/her ass off to achieve 7/10. If person "B" needs to put a lot more effort into his work to be able to sustain an above average and thus more than good enough results why shold person "A" get the award?!. Isn't it more likely that person "B" deserves this more?!

Also isn't it more likely that persons who happen to get the most information and the most followups tend to be be able to do a better job since they are better backed up than others ?! At the same time they are also the most suited to perform other tasks based on their increased knowledge. Other can have the ability to become just as good and even better if they had the skills that others have acquired through other means.

Also you risk that person 2 who are performing a good job get's pissed because person 1 gets all the credit and thus that
person might leave. Therefore you get a "new" person 2 that might suck and lack experience performing the work required.

Regardless if the selection of this person is done by a leader or by the other employees it will sooner or later cause problems for the leader of the employees. Some people might be accused for favorizing people for various reasons even if this is not the truth. Then only way this can be somehow fair is if all employees (every single one) vote for their candidate. But even then will there be disputes and anger amongst people.

This irritates me since I believe that people should be treated equally. It should not be announced that some people are
better than others at least not the way described here. If some people are exceptionally skilled they should get their
reward in other ways for example other assignments. It should not be broadcasted to others that a certain person is on some
other level than others because everyone should have the same basic start and opportunities.

I might add that I was a bit tired when I wrote this so in case something is not properly explained I apologize for that
and I will try to clean up this text a little better next time!

People and music
Sadly many people don't realize that there is a lot of good music out there. Everyone either stays with standard pop, rock,
rap crap or other styles of music without considering that there are a lot music that are writen by far more talented performers than what the record company choose to promote.

Remember that most records company promote the music to make money and therefore copies what is already there since that have proven itself to be a source for income. This does of course mean that since people are constantly fed by standard music they don't know about what else is out there. One strong point to consider is that contrary to known artist a lot of other artists make music because they feel they have something to say to the world. Money is not an object for the most talented artist who deliver the most impressive music.

Without doubt the most talented artist are found on the scene (see scene.org if you don't know what the scene is). These persons favorite hobby is to deliver outstanding quality just for the fun of it! What would you choose? someone who stays with the flow and just deliver what sold once before - or someone who can bring you something new and enjoyable and give you a musical experience unlike anything you ever heard before! To much hassle? ... Well you miss out ;)

Mind control with words
As some of you might know a lot of people choose too use a lot of foreign words when they speak.
This is especially true amongst politicians and other people who like to believe that they are of a higher rank than

Sure enough foreign words have their uses sometimes, but most of the time they are nothing but a means to control
others. The layman usualy feels inferior when someone brings up a complicated word. The very reason the person who is
comming up with the word seems to be more intelligent is also the same reason the layman might feel inferior. They keyword
here is understanding eachother. The layman might think 'this guy understands something I am not that familliar with' -
this something is of course the word beeing used. This might be because the layman learned a new word and if you remember
from your childhood what you learned from was mostly more intelligent beings like you father and mother who was also
superior to you in almost every way (at least until puberty).

Also what "status people" have learned a long time ago is that by over complicating things they say by using
complex words they add confusion to the "package" and thus other people use more time translating what
they said and often at the same time they will shape the content of the message to match their own preference.
Needless to say - a lot of people use this daily a lot of success. Isn't it about time that most people actually learn to
see through this scam?! I think so!

Conspiracy theories....
A few years ago I was made aware of some seriously screwed up stuff where people believe that the trails after airplanes are chemicals sent out by the goverment wwith the purpose of mind control.
Come on idiots, you can do better than that. What about fuel in general? Gas or Diesel - that is much more evenly spread througout the population so why not claim that is some insane plot by a secret counsil or whatever.
I even came up with a conspiracy theory of my own - what about the road markings? Can't we just pretend that the distance between each road marking is secretly manipulated to encode binary messages into your brain?! Now there's something new for you to chew on! (what have I done?!)

What on earth is wrong with people when they think that stuff like fingerprints are given to people ar birth? Who have time to engrave this pattern into people
Also there was a video on youtube that is worth a watch - the most stupid stuff ever: click here