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Copyright © 2000-2023 Svein Engelsgjerd

This are preview versions of my graphics stuff.

This is a 3D representation of a doodle I did many years ago. I started drawing a "cool" C letter, but ended up creating something rather fancy. The doodle was on a simple 'postit' style note so needless to say it was a good idea to get spice it up a bit. Made in Blender 3D creation suite.
Made in Lightwave3D
A quick attempt to create a proper G1 Optimus Prime in 3d ;)
In my oppinion this actually looks better than the overdetailed junkyards that
walks around in the horrible 2007 and 2009 films. Screw you Michael Bay
This is a improved version of the castle made in Lightwave 3D. The model was imported in Blender, but sadly had some flaws. The good thing is that these flaws did not matter much as I was after the silhouette. I lack some glow / bloom effect on the moon, but if I ever figure out how to do that nicely in Blender I'll upload a new version.
Made using Lightwave3D. Inspired by a old Carl Barks story (The Old Castle's Secret).
This is my first "big" 3D project who became rather heavy on my old 933Mhz Pentium III machine ;)