About me:

My name is Svein Engelsgjerd. I came to this world December 1977 and I am currently living in the western regions of Norway. I have a social security number, I pay my taxes and I even carry out my own garbage from time to time! There is really not much more to say about the subject

I am a person who generally find most things interesting. However there are some things that obviously are more interesting than others, and for me that boils down to astronomy, computers, mechanics, electronics, composing music and like the average pervert I do have a particular interest in women. I also like motorcycles and cars, but unlike most I prefer to drive them instead of polishing them.
When it comes to astronomy I am not the kind of guy who sits down with catalogs and writes numbers all night. Instead I enjoy learning new things about how space works as I find this very interesting. I also get a kick out of simply just talking a walk in the night and watching the faint band of the Milkyway on the clear skies. When I look at this I sometimes get a very special feeling of "awareness". It sort of feel like you reach an alternate state of mind for a split second where you realize the actual scale of what you can see. For some reason realizing that you are basically almost nothing is actually a very rewarding experience.
I have had a interest for computers since I first watched a program on TV called 'datastart'. That was sent on the only available TV station (NRK) at that time. Since datastart was sent in 1984 I was about 7 years old and I can remember that I found that program very interesting. This is probably what sparked my interest in computers.
I have a good understanding of how computers work and I know quite a bit about what is going on under the hood. These days layers and layers of software hides more and more about what is actually going on at the hardware level. It is a bit disturbing to see todays programmers now having the slightest idea what microcode, cpu instructions, assembly code and even interrupts are.
As a hobby coder I do have experience with programming in C, PHP, MC680x0 assembly, AmigaE, Amos and various other basic dialects. html is mostly just tag on / tag off so I hardly think it is worth mentioning at all.
Since the most enjoyable years with computers were on the Amiga I of course started composing music using the legendary ProTracker and have now moved on to ModPlug (OpenMPT). My music usually sounds quite different from just about anything else you can imagine and I tend to like to mix electronic music with traditional instruments like the willow flute and jaw harp.

As a self taught musician I try to play the willow flute, jaw harp, guitar and keyboard. I would not consider myself good at any of these, but I still enjoy playing them from time to time.

When it comes to my musical style I am quite biased towards funk music. Now there is a lot of horrible music out there who claims to be funk, but for me real funk will always be about the hypnotic rhythms carried by a solid bass line. A good example would be the song 'pick up the pieces by the average white band'.

I am quite picky when it comes to music, but I am at the same time very versatile. I like everything from folk music to electronica, techno, acid, boogie woogie, classical music and bluegrass. I have a great disgust for so called popular music that is not really about music, but just replicating "what worked" at some point. All about image and profit and not about music. In many ways video really killed music.

For me 'music' such as hip hop or rap music is the most brain dead and primitive music there is. The so called singers often appear to imitate a bunch of chimpanzees let loose in a costume shop (and no, this is not about race). If you actually take your time to listen to such 'music' you will soon find that it is just a loop in the background with some fairly standard beat patterns repeating over and over again. In reality is is very primitive - and even a diggeridoo have more variations than this kind of 'music'.

This so called 'music' has not evolved since the 80's at all. I actually think that in the 80's there was more variation to this style than it is now over 30 years later. To me this style is the proof that people really don't care about the music at all or that they simply don't understand that there is a wealth of great music out there. I am really looking forward to the day that some rap artist will sue another rap artist for plagiarism. This would probably be a never ending loop of lawsuits, quite similar to the repeating loops in this style of 'music'.
Also for as long as I can remember I've been a fan of old classic Donald comics and cartoons (1940-1950 style timeline). I have quite a bunch of Donald comics that I have saved since I was a little kid. I have to say that I am most impressed by the drawing style of Carl Barks, Al Taliaferro and of course Keno Don Rosa. When it comes to cartoons I tend to enjoy Goofy, Roadrunner, Tom & Jerry and last but not least Daffy Duck. As for modern cartoons I think The Simpsons and Futurama is great fun. What I find so interesting by old cartoons is that they in my opinion was made for both adult and kids at the same time. If you watch some of those old cartoons you will see that there is a lot of references to adult topics. The adults pick up this and the kids tend to ignore this. This has always worked and these days people are so concerned about what is damaging to a child that I am having a hard time understanding that the cartoonists can really have fun at all.
After quitting school in 1994 I started working full time on my farm. In 1999 I decided it was about time to do something else for a change so in March 1999 I started working for Elmag Instrument A/S. For the most part I worked with assembly of 21" industrial CRT monitors until the product was discontinued. I also did a few other things including assembly of 17" CRT industrial monitors, glasswork, warehouse related stuff and a few handyman assignments.

Later Elmag Instrument A/S was acquired by The Hatteland Group and renamed Hatteland Assembly. Eventually we moved to a larger production facility and there my main job consisted of preparing parts for the 23" industrial flat panel display and assembly of a few minor variants of this.
After what seemed like ages I also got the "pleasure" of doing some cleanup jobs for displays that was returned for repair/service mostly due to dust particles entering the display. This was a job that I found quite frustrating because the facilities was far from good enough for the job and it was near impossible to get the display free from dust particles. It was easy enough to get the display back into working condition, but giving away a picture perfect display was not an easy task. This was without doubt the assignment I disliked the most. On the other hand I was lucky enough to get some 'delivery boy' assignments to relieve me from the constant frustration. I have always enjoyed driving so even if these small transport missions was quickly completed I really appreciated this since I find driving relaxing and because of this I could basically take a break while doing something useful at the same time.

I also stepped in at the warehouse ever now and then plus I worked there for roughly six months to step in for someone who was on sick leave. I was offered a permanent position at the warehouse, but I declined since I mainly prefer to work with other more technical things although I thrived at the warehouse. I returned to display assembly, but to my surprise (or maybe not) I was asked if I wanted to work with another project that included the assembly and testing of some special oil / fluid pressure alarm system for use in oil tankers and whatnot... At the time it was the idea that this would be it's own production line in parallel with the display production. However due to complications the project was put on ice and eventually canceled. I regardless think it was a very rewarding experience and I am sure it could have been an interesting project. Anyway it was back to display production for me for a brief time.

I was barely (some might argue) able to start getting on my coworkers nerves again before I was asked to work with another project called AutoStore. I decided that since the previous project sailed into oblivion I could try something new instead of display production. I have always been a very independent person and working more and less alone with the AutoStore project was a nice change for me. Since I started working with AutoStore in 2005 I have worked more or less independent with various things including (but far from limited to) assembly, repair, problem solving, warehouse management, software testing and development, training of personnel, mechanics, electronics and ...well you name it!. I am also happy to be able to contribute to shaping the project to something better. To see your ideas in practical use is some of the most rewarding things you can experience.

In March 2007 the display and assembly section where I was working was acquired by what was then known as Ferd (now Hercules capital). This lead to another milestone for me and in January 2008 Hatteland Computer who is responsible for the AutoStore project hired me to work for them directly. This is something I had been hoping for since I started working with AutoStore and in many ways a dream became true. This change is something I considered a important milestone since I found it important to move on and distance myself from the display production. To my great surprise it was not as easy for me as I expected mostly due to one very skilled person that I always admired and that had my greatest respect. Even if I honestly felt it would be a relief to not having to deal with this particular person on a daily basis anymore (and I was right to some degree) I did learned an important lesson about myself on a personal level and hopefully I have perhaps changed for the better. I am not so sure anyone else agrees, but for me it was a important lesson in life.

I also have a drivers license for just about anything that run on wheels and I usually get used to new vehicles very quickly. I have driven a quite impressive number of different cars and also a few motorcyles, trucks, tractors and even a few forklifts. My friends often describe me as a skilled driver and "I'd argue if I could" is a phrase that comes to mind when they say that...

I tend to be quite philosophical at times so just for fun I'll throw out a few ideas:
- 'Now' does not exist. 'Now' is actually a reconstruction based on the recent events presented in your memory.
- Those who die have lived in vain.
- History can't be changed - however it is always smart to explain your version of history in case someone have distorted it.
- If you feel sorry for someone , are you not really trying to make yourself feel better?
- Is the illusion of our own existence based on history or expectations?
- Why do we wonder why?
- Being nice is actually very egoistic. By doing something nice to other you often feel better yourself.